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County Sheriff

Dale Cook, County Sheriff

Phone numbers:

Blytheville (870) 762-2243
Osceola (870) 658-2242
Fax (870) 658-2510


The Sheriff's responsibilities are directed into two (2) departments: Law Enforcement and Maintaining the County Jail.

Law Enforcement

The Sheriff is the Chief Enforcement Officer of the County.  He is in charge of supervising all Deputies and Auxiliary Deputies.  During a disturbance or disaster he is responsible for communication, coordination and cooperation with the National Guard, Arkansas State Police and other State, Federal, Cities and Counties.  He is responsible for serving warrants, attending court, transporting prisoners and conducting criminal investigations.  The Sheriff is responsible for the collecting of and disbursing bonds, circuit court fines and costs, and all county beer and liquor licenses.

County Jail

The Sheriff is in direct control of the maintenance and operation of the County Jail, which has approximately 92 daily occupants.  This facility houses maximum, minimum and juvenile inmates.

The Following services are provided as a public service: Help motorists, check on shut-in and elderly when called upon, transport citizens with special needs, escorts, work traffic and maintain order for community activities.  Implement work shops for drug and alcohol awareness and organizes, conducts and assists other agencies in drug eradication.  But the most important duty of the Sheriff's Department is to PROTECT AND SERVE the citizens of Mississippi County.