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Circuit & Chancery Court Clerk

Leslie Mason, Circuit & Chancery Court Clerk - Due to circumstances beyond our control we are unable to update this website and are working to have a new website online soon at this same url. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Phone numbers:

Blytheville (870) 762-2332
Blytheville Fax (870) 762-8148
Osceola (870) 563-6471
Osceola Fax (870) 563-5063


The Circuit Clerk maintains records of, and is the focal point for the orderly flow of paperwork through the Circuit, Chancery, Juvenile/Paternity courts of the county.  The Circuit Clerk also acts as ex-office Recorder for the County.

Any conveyance that affects the title to lands within the county is recorded in this office.  Other duties of the recorder includes the recording of power of attorneys, assignments, subordination's, releases, deeds of trust and mortgages, materials and mechanics liens, tax liens, judgments.  All financing statements (UCC's), performance bonds, notary public bonds and public official bonds and deputation's are filed in the office.

The primary duties of the office regarding the courts are filing, docketing, attending court, issuing of notices, summons, subpoenas and order to appear, records management and reporting to the Administrative Office of the Courts.  All case filings and dispositions must be reported monthly to Administrative Office of the Courts.  It is the responsibility of the Circuit Clerk to prepare a list of prospective jurors, docket cases of the respective courts, attend court and swear witnesses.  The Clerk maintains the records of the Circuit, Chancery, Juvenile/Paternity Courts.  In the event that a case is appealed to a higher court, Supreme Court of Arkansas or Arkansas Court of Appeals, a transcript of the court proceedings must be compiled by this office.

Under Act 989 of 1989, all court ordered child support is paid through the Registry of the Court.  This office is considered the Registry of the Court and all payments are made through here.  Chancery Court is held each Friday.  Juvenile/Paternity each Tuesday.

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